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Shawn & Gladys Dance Academy was founded in 1986 by Shawn and Gladys Tay to train dancers and develop Singapore’s dance scene. Dancers of all ages and levels are welcome to join our Academy and experience quality dance training in the most conducive and comfortable learning environment.


“Shawn & Gladys Dance Academy allowed me to pursue my passion in Ballroom Dancing! Whether you are looking for leisure or competitive dancing – Shawn & Gladys Dance World, with its passionate and professional instructors, is definitely the place for you to go!”

Wan Zhen , Graduate of Oxford University

“Shawn & Gladys Dance Academy has provided a platform for us to further discover our talent, and nurture our passion for dance. With their patience and guidance, we are able to improve and explore dance at a greater heights. They have also given us countless opportunities to represent Singapore for competitions.” 

Ryan Lee & Chloe Ng , Grade A Latin/Grade C Standard Athletes

“The teachers at the Shawn & Gladys Dance Academy are wonderful and completely dedicated. There is also a very inclusive and warm-hearted environment in which students are friendly and help each other. Even though I am a “late starter” I have enjoyed every moment of my experience at this studio.”

John Lane, Professor

"Shawn & Gladys Dance Academy has helped nurture the young ones into the world of dance as an art and sport. My daughter looks forward to her Latin dance classes every week. Thanks to the instructors for their patience and dedication.”

Christopher, Parent

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