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At Shawn and Gladys Dance Academy, we believe that exposing your child to a variety of dances is a great platform for children to grow especially during their formative years.

Dancing isn't just about rehearsing steps - it includes musicality, movement, creativity and pattern recognition. Just as learning to play musical instruments can help improve one’s concentration and cognition, dancing is another great way to improve one’s motor skills, coordination and working memory.

Through interacting with fellow young dancers and learning new choreography at our Academy, we believe that your child can gain confidence, make new friends and discover the joy of dancing!

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In our Nursery Showdance class, children learn a mixture of various dance genres, such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin, fused into an fun and engaging performance number. The focus of the class is to help your child discover the joy of dancing, while strengthening your his/her motor skills, movement to music and confidence! This is the perfect class for your child to build a dance foundation before learning Latin dance technique when they grow older.



The aim of our Showdance class is to provide a learning platform for your child to discover his/her passion for dance. As Showdance composes of a medley of dance genres, your child will be exposed to a diversity of dance genres such as Lyrical Jazz, Hip Hop,  Broadway, and Latin.

Role-playing and movement to music are special elements of Showdance, which will build your child's stage confidence, strengthen musicality and spur creativity. This class is the perfect complement to the Children Latin dance course.


Levels offered: 

1. Beginners   2. Pre-bronze   3. Bronze

4. Silver           5. Gold               6. Gold Star

DanceSport (Latin and Standard Ballroom) is a great way for your child to learn important dance techniques, movement to music and presentation skills - crucial skills which will definitely build your child's confidence and help him/her in various aspects of development. Latin dance is both a fun outlet of expression and a discipline that will provide a strong technical base for your child's dancing.  

While it is not compulsory, students usually find the performances, exams and competitions organised by our Academy the best way for improvement. This class also prepares children for the (optional) World DanceSport Federation Proficiency Test in the various levels.

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Our founders, Shawn and Gladys, created the “Solo Latin” category years ago to provide opportunities for dancers without a partner to perform and compete. Today, children with or without a partner can dance Solo Latin dances at competitions and performances. The benefits of dancing solo are numerous – it encourages the strengthening of individual dance technique, confidence and self-expression that will help your child in many aspects beyond the field of Dance!

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